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  • Welcome

    July 4, 2019 by

    Hello, and welcome to Moving, Shaking, and Making, where we discuss making handmade cards while dealing with the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, among other things. About Me I’m Shari, a 44 year old card maker, wife, sister, auntie, pet parent, office manager, and Parkie, as those of us with Parkinson’s Disease sometimes call ourselves. I… Read more

  • On the Importance of Research

    August 20, 2019 by

    I like to think I’m a pretty intelligent person. I managed to get a Masters in Education, so I have to have some smarts, right? The thing is, smart and savvy do not always go hand in hand, and we all do dumb things from time to time. Dumb things like decide to sell our… Read more

  • Could it be an unexpected side effect?

    August 13, 2019 by

    In March when I went to the movement disorder specialist he prescribed a mid-range medication for my Parkinson’s symptoms. His stated goal was for me to feel 35 again, and for a while I felt 25 again. He also warned me of the potential side effect of the medication; COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR. Compulsive Behavior The term… Read more

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